At Veccram, we are committed to responsible and ethical sourcing practices. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards of compliance with our requirements and the applicable legal regulations of the countries in which they operate. We are dedicated to ensuring that our supply chain remains free from any form of slavery or human trafficking. In line with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, we take the following measures to promote responsible and ethical sourcing:

1. Supplier Audits
We require our suppliers to allow us or designated third parties to conduct audits to verify compliance with our requirements and applicable legal standards. These audits may involve on- site inspections, discussions with workers and management, as well as a review of facilities and relevant documentation. In the event of violations of our requirements or legal standards, corrective actions will be enforced, which may include termination of the supplier or the implementation of a detailed corrective action plan.

2. Supplier Compliance
All of our suppliers are obligated to adhere to our strict requirements, as well as the relevant legal requirements of the countries in which they operate. For suppliers providing private label products, a written attestation of compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct is mandatory.

3. Training
We provide training to our employees and management who are responsible for supply chain management. This training is designed to raise awareness and understanding of issues related to human trafficking, slavery, and responsible sourcing. Our employees are also trained on how to effectively mitigate risks associated with these concerns within our supply chain.

Veccram remains committed to the ethical sourcing of products and the eradication of slavery and human trafficking within our supply chain. This commitment reflects our dedication to the responsible and transparent business practices that our customers expect from us.